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aerogarden gonna take a nap till fall

So the aerogarden needs to sleep for a while. I have had mixed results. We have lots of herbs kicking outside so I played around with planing my own stuff. Strawberries did not really work, spinach not at all, but some lettuce did good. That up there is some fancy lettuce. Our first use was […]

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So they say pick the berries 2 days after they go red. This was the first one to go ripe and it was tiny. The plant it came from is pretty much dead, but gave it all for that one berry. We sliced off the top and an uber dark red center glistened at us. […]

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aerogarden strawberries update 3

4 of the 6 we planted have survived and are plumping up some berries. I found the smallest plant I could find out back to add another to the aerogarden. One turned red in just one day. it is smaller than other berries, but looks so awesome. We going to hold out on eating it […]

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Well I said I would keep you updated. first post Seems the transition to hydroponic has caused quite the shock. It makes sense. Going from a cooler and pretty dry soil to soaked in nutrient rich water at a warmer temp is quite the change. Not to mention I had to hack the rhizome and […]

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strawberries in the aerogarden

Well Aerogarden used to offer a strawberry pack, but one does not start strawberries from seed like all the other seed kits and shipping live plants did not work out all that well. There is a group of folks on the internets that have said F that and done it themselves. We started our first […]

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aerogarden basil delicious

The aerogarden has been going for a month now. The chives did not survive Thunks messing with them. Oregano and mint are small, but healthy. The parsley is growing, but seems wimpy. The basil has exploded and makes the kitchen smell nice. Had to trim back the basil for lunch today. Added a really nice […]

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Theresa has been wanting this again for a while. Nice to use some fresh basil from the aerogarden again. Onion, garlic, basil, parsley, tomato sauce, and some cream. Nom more on recipe

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New kitchen toys

The aerogarden has 4 types of basil going right now. Figure we should be able to pick some fresh next week. Theresa is loving our new 6 quart kitchenaid mixer. I wanted a stick mixer and Theresa picked up a kitchenaid one. Made some hummus, and plan on using it for soups. Some new bowls […]

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