Meet-Up: Jazz @ P.O. Pears Tonight!

Random: I’m sitting here eating some Fritos w/ my homemade roasted tomatillo & chile salsa. It’s very good. Just bought a new kitchen toy — a Black & Decker Food Processor. The thing is spectacular … turned my chickpeas & herbs into falafels in a matter of seconds.

This is really short notice (I’m sorry), but I’m calling out a very spontaneous “Blogger Meet-Up” tonight at P.O. Pears. There’s a jazz band playing there, and I’m doing a Jazz Performance Review for my History of American Jazz course. I don’t know anything about the band that’s there tonight, as P.O. Pears doesn’t have anything listed on their site about it.

The gig starts at 830pm-9-ish, probably plays pretty late. I’m going to be there at 830pm to order some grub. Dr. Tom Larson, my jazz professor, says the food there is pretty darn good … I’ve never been there, so it should be fun.

I think Steve (aka: Beerorkid) is going to be there. So if you don’t want to come hangout with me, come and see BorK instead!

REVIEW: 830p-9-ish, Blogger Meet-Up / Jazz performance @ P.O. Pears — BE THERE!!!

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