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not sure I want a dishwasher cuz I love washing dishes so much

Seriously. Some people go to church, some do yoga, some cut their inner thigh with razor blades, and some do dishes to calm their nerves. As a kid I absolutely hated doing dishes, it was the worst punishment. I would take hours acting all sad and pouty. (sorry Mom) Moved away from home and with roommates it was a touchy subject. Passive aggressive notes on the dry erase board and the like.

But for the past year or so I have really begun to enjoy dish duty. Theresa and I split the “chores” up pretty good. Ones that are all me are lawn care, trash, and dishes. Recently we have started doing the dishes after we prepare meals, which is like the most bestest way evar to keep the funk and rock hard crap away. I get my sponges from Sam’s and I have an arsenal. I fixxeded up my sprayer last weekend, and am thinking of replacing the faucet since it makes a noise that messes with my chi. The sink sux, and I got no space, but I still likey.

Eventually we will update the kitchen, which will rule, but I do not know if I will want a dishwasher in the new kitchen of my dreams. First there is still work involved in rinsing the dishes off, stacking them in the dishwasher (when I was a pouty kid it was with a dishwasher), running the cycle, yadda yadda…. I am pro environment, but not to the point where I would care about running a dishwasher and wasting a bit more energy. Also the film that is left on glasses at peeps houses that use dishwashers. It just seems like a really bunk industry invented like valentines day. Maybe it is cuz our house has only two dish dirtiers, or the trauma forced upon me as a child, but I think dishwashers are a waste.

Funny thing is I have my parents pretty decent used dishwasher in my garage. I figure I can get a few bucks for it at the scrap yard.

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