refreshed my cast iron


Put in the oven during a clean cycle and scrubbed / oiled X 2 season.
The one on the left was fine 10 minutes later.

The extreme heat an oxygen made it rust after burning off all the crap seasoning. Scrub, oil, bake= awesome


I read up and putting them in the oven clean cycle can harm them by creating pits and damage, but it was way easier than scrubbing with steel wool for an hour

U-Turn Orbit Turntable


Today is a great day. My U-Turn Audio custom Orbit showed up.
I was not upgrading just to be cool, the audio technicia super low end TT had some issues and I was just not enjoying it at all. (inconsistent motor) Repair would take $31 in shipping and I gave up on it. Wanted something reasonably priced and super functional. Researched for weeks.
Went external preamp, Grado Black stylus, and man am I rocking. Manual is kinda scary even with the cue arm. Loving it. Took the afternoon of to jam out and am so happy.

The cue arm is darn nice. Just super impressed with the Grado stylus as well. The mid and punchy bass. The speed is consistent, but at 33.5 instead of 33.3, but I am not complaining. I was way down in the 32 range for a bit there with the basic plastic AT TT. Even the bluetooth sucked.

Loving this thing. Super solid and working great.