Covered Lincoln in 7 layers tonight

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I am the left corner :)

All of this was planned by Torek. He collected all the keys needed to make the links and planned it all out. 8 Agents were out in the field smashing and linking. We also had many folks manning the maps and providing information to the agents in the field. Including the gif making guy.

The two anchors were Dorchester (me) and Syracuse (Bluejay & TInman) linking up to Ceresco and Wahoo.


All those red dashed lines were blocking our fields and agents went to take them down right before we threw. It is important to not make it known that we are working on a BAF (Big Ass Field) by alerting the Frogs by killing their usual blocking links. Each team throws links as far as we can to block long links that might cover Lincoln. It is a strategy. When one blocking link goes down it raises alarms. The opposing team only knows that a field might be going up, but not knowing from which of the smaller towns around Lincoln the fields might come from. Those dashed links got dropped minutes before the fields were thrown.

Agents traveled over 50 miles to wait and kill links at the right time. Once we got the clear we threw and unfortunately we were so close on time that only 7 fields made it through the checkpoint that totals the score every 5 hours. We continued to throw fields though.


Over a million MU units made it through the checkpoint and we threw through 3 cells The Lincoln one is the orange square), two of which I took 1st place and 2nd in the 3rd. We took the CP at 360K to the frogs 15K. It feels good at the start of a cycle. Us smurfs have not had much wins this year.


This is how the intel map looks under all those fields. You can not make out streets and just see portals. It makes it hard to play and no links can be made under a field.


This is how the fields look on the scanner (phone) You cannot make out streets and portals are hard to see. It swirls like water. It is really cool


This morning I had 270K MU from 2.5 years of work and after tonight I have 1.48 million Mind Units under my belt. It feels good

EDIT: the fields made it through a 2nd checkpoint. It is now 628K to 13K




That’s It



Fire Tornado



lump charcoal chimney steak was fun


Alton Brown style

I got the lump charcoal rocking in the chimney and placed it over a mediocre rib eye. The heat was just insane. You can see it in the vid above with the bricks of the grill glowing red. It sizzled like it was being hit by a jet engine. 90 seconds per side


It cooked that steak so fast and I can say it really did not make much of a difference. I will just grill them from now on. Much easier



it was coming right for him



Tony Hawk Skates First-Ever Horizontal Loop







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